Door Step Health Assessment

Doorstep nutritional health assessment service is on of our Premium  healthcare service where a qualified nutritionist or dietitian comes to the patient’s home to assess their nutritional status and provide personalized nutritional advice.


These services are particularly useful for people who have difficulty traveling to a healthcare facility due to physical limitations or transportation issues. Doorstep nutritional health assessment services can be provided by a range of qualified healthcare professionals, including nutritionists and dietitians, and may include a variety of services such as a nutritional assessment, dietary advice, and meal planning.

Some of the benefits of doorstep nutritional health assessment services include increased access to personalized nutrition advice, improved convenience, and reduced healthcare costs. By providing nutritional assessments and personalized dietary advice at the patient’s home, healthcare providers can help patients to better manage their chronic conditions, prevent more serious health problems, and improve overall health and wellbeing.

 Nutritional health assessment services can play an important role in improving nutritional health outcomes, particularly for vulnerable populations who may face barriers to accessing healthcare services.

ID NoName of The RepresentativeServicing Area
HN101Mr. Ankan ChatterjeeIlambazar, Suri, Saithia (M:8918735929)
HN102-Mr. Anjan Kumar SahaBolpur:- Raipur, Supur (M:9476302788)
HN103Mr. Tapas Mondal Arambag, Kamarhati, Jairambati, Badanganj (M:9153144263)
HN104Mr. Chandan PatraBelda, Dantam, Monoharpur (M: 9051128279)
HN105Mr. Debasis BeraHaldia, Namkhana, Kakdwip (M: 8001834411)
HN106Mr. Surajit BanerjeeBurnpur road, Kulti, Barakar, Niyamatpur (M: 9126496098)
HN107Mr Shantimoy MannaBaraipur, Champahati (M: 9734466844)
HN108Mr. Ankit Senapati Bankura Chatna-Jhatipahari-Saltora, Raniganj, Asansol (M:7479008638)
HN109Mr. Sourav Kanti MallickDurgapur, Bidhannagar, Muchipara, Andal, Katulpur, (M: 70015 83175,)