Our Advisors

Mrs. Tanima Sarkar

Assistant Professor in Pharmacy & Cosmetics.

 Nutritionist specialize in female health & skin care

Experience : 10years

Nutrition is the central point of health and well-being. But in India, malnutrition continues to be at a high level with 42.5% children being underweight and almost 70% being anaemic. 22% children are born with low birth weight. About one-third of all menstruating women around the globe have PCOD, whereas prevalence of PCOS in India ranges from 3.7 to 22.5%. Now a days, pigmentation like melasma, periorbital melanosis (under eye circles) and perioral melanosis (pigmentation around the mouth) are the most serious skin concerns faced by Indian skin tones. Sensitive skin is a frequent condition in India, affecting about one third of the population. These facts emphasizing the importance of proper Nutrition, which is very much linked with National development, productivity and ultimately to the national growth


Chamber : 18 No Kavi Jasimuddin Path, SAIL CO-operative Complex, City Centre, Durgapur, West Bengal- 713 216

Mr. Bhaskar Dutta

Pharmacologist & Nutritionist specialize in Medical Issues of adults & children

Experience : 11years

Nutrition is the food science and art of application with the principles of relaxation, mental attitude and workout to attain and maintain the good human health. Being a Nutritionist is a versatile profession which requires their knowledge of disease, identify symptoms of deficiency, educate patient about their sickness and therapeutic diets and prescribe personalised supplementation to achieve good health. “Health with Nutrition” offers one of the best expertise in above mention parameter under one umbrella. this field to make people aware about their present health condition, make them enable to adhere to a healthy lifestyle and treatment regime were necessary.

Chamber : 18 No Kavi Jasimuddin Path, SAIL CO-operative Complex, City Centre, Durgapur, West Bengal- 713 216

Mr. Debjyoti Mukherjee

Nutritionist specialize in eye and vision care.

Experience : 7years

Vision loss with age can affect your physical health and your quality of life. But eating the right foods can protect your vision and keep you healthy. vitamins and nutritional supplements are not a cure for eye disease, nor will they give you back lost vision. But good nutrition at all ages is vital for your entire body, and plays an important role in maintaining healthy eyes. Discuss with your nutritionist & optometrist about any concern about your eye-health.

Chamber : 140,Ramanujam Road,B-Zone ,DURGAPUR, West Bengal- 713 205

Mr. Chinmoy Mondal

 Nutritionist specialize in obesity management & Yoga.

Experience : 6years

Many people wish to lose weight, but it is not easy to do so.Losing weight requires not only exercise or dieting with a proper plan but also includes   Mindset , Stress  Level,  Meal Variety & Sleep Pattern. Body weight also require  a strategy for dealing with cravings. It’s very difficult to find flexible and understanding Nutritionist, mentor & ideal guide in this journey.

Chamber : Mission Pally, Sonarpur, Kolkata-700150