Our Mission

Health care counselling is an important area, which needs to be put into operation because it aims at helping the clients understand and accept themselves “as they are”. Till now the medical practitioners & other health care personnel do not give much emphasize to this area. Thus, the main objective of us in “Health with Nutrition” is to bring about a voluntary change in the client via counselling, so that they can take their own care. For this purpose, the counselor provides facilities to help achieve the desired change or make the suitable choice.

When the individuals will maintain good health physically and psychologically, only then they will be able to generate better livelihoods opportunities.

The goal of counseling is to help individuals overcome their immediate problems and also to equip them to meet future problems. Here, all the counselors has the goal of understanding the behavior, motivations, and feelings of the counselee.

Counseling has no magical solutions. The only meaningful, sensible and realistic view of counseling is that it is not and cannot be everything to everybody. It is concerned with helping individuals find realistic and workable solutions to their health problems by helping them gain an insight into themselves so that they are able to utilize their own potentialities and opportunities and definitely by taking proper nutritional requirements , maintain a good health & healthy lifestyle.

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